Cape Organic specializes in fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual systems for residential or commercial sites.We cater for all budgets with each system undergoing careful planning, ensuring that water coverage and system assembly is suitable for the garden and vegetation,including the needs of our client.Should an illustrated plan of the system be required we do this as an additional service.


Initial preparation of any system requires measurement the water pressure and flow rate, the type of coverage that would be suitable and the best types of sprinklers that should be utilized. We will calculate quantity, of all materials including type and size of all water pipes,assembly of solenoid valves, computer timer and the layout within the proposed area.Assessment as to the placement of the water pipes,underground or above ground, as well as directional spraying around buildings ensuring that our client is satisfied with our suggestions.With proper care a well planned irrigation system can last years and be a huge saving on water.


Residential and Commercial

Cape Organic caters for both residential and commercial based irrigation systems. Our installation process constantly undergoes a high standard of professionalism and quality control by our trained staff. We ensure the most optimal methods to save cost for our clients while incorporating superior materials in all facets of our systems. Formal illustrations and garden layouts can be prepared for all our clients if required before any installation procedure commences.

  • Installation of automatic or manual irrigation systems
  • Critical assessment through-out the installation process
  • Quality and cleanliness instituted in every aspect of our work
  • Recognized branded products and materials used
  • Constant communication with our clients throughout each project phase


Maintenance and Adjustments

Annual servicing and maintenance is highly advisable. Cape Organic provides a full range of services to maintain, alter or clean your irrigation system. Manual or automated systems, can be adjusted according to our clients needs for optimal water saving while ensuring essential of all plant life. Regular system flushes can be performed to prevent insect life and dirt clogging up the system and or its parts.

  • Annual system servicing
  • System adjustment in relation to plant growth
  • Expansion for additional watering requirements
  • Backup computer timer battery replacement
  • Seasonal watering adjustment
  • System flushing and cleaning
  • Water timer controller reprogramming


System Expansion

System addition or expansion can easily be incorporated in a variety of ways. Cape Organic provides a wide range of options for your irrigation system extension, we will ensure our clients requirements while taking variables into account such as water fluctuations, equalized pressure and water cycles over a 24 hour period.


System Renovation

A leak or break in the system must be repaired as soon as possible to prevent dirt entering the pipes and clogging the system. We provide full repairs for systems that have deteriorated or need renovation of any kind, electrical and mechanical repairs are instituted on all automated or manual setups.