Pruning Floribunda Roses

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Floribunda roses are a cross between the Polyantha Roses and the Hybrid T Roses


They are repeat bloomers they produce clusters of small flowers +/- 6 cm in diameter.

They are grown mainly for a garden display rather than to be used for cut flowers. They are easy to care for and flower

continually , they come in flat and cup shaped blooms.


The method of pruning Floribunda’s is different to from the method used for pruning Hybrid Tea roses. The old wood in the Floribunda is good, as long as it is not diseased. Old wood produces short stems and large clusters of blooms therefore we want lots of short stems from lots of lateral stems of old wood from many old canes. Often floribundas are pruned only to control the size, shape and health of the plants.


If pruned too heavily, growth will decline; if it is too light, the bush will be large and lack vigour. Many floribunda’s, benefit from annual pruning in which three to as many as eight canes remain in a vase-shaped configuration.


Follow the rules:

1) Sterilize tools with Jeyes fluid.


2) Remove / cut away all dead, half dead and diseased canes. Next, take off any suckers or root shoots that are sprouting directly from the root stock below the crown by ripping them downwards to remove all material where the sucker joins the roots. You can take off some old wood but not too much otherwise you will lose vigour and flowers.


3) Cut back the lateral stems about one-fourth to one-third of the current year’s growth.

Taking off more of the growth will produce fewer, but larger, blooms; taking off less will produce more, but smaller, ones. You may cut the centre branch from each cluster of branches, and cut the remaining ones back to 3 or 4 undeveloped growth buds.


You will have to look at the architecture of the Rose it will tell you how each plant needs to be cut. (A good eye and experience makes this part easy)


If you have a hedge of one variety, cut all plants to a uniform height. I have seen professionals using the hedge cutters, just make sure you don’t cut more than one fourth to one third of the current year’s growth. You will be amazed at the good results.


Areas with colder winters will need to cut more due to freeze damage. If you still see some dead or half dead canes make sure you cut them back until you reach healthy white pith.


Apply Efekto Steriseal or wood glue to those cut ends if desired, depending on the climatic conditions I actually prefer to leave it to nature or I apply it only unto the large wounds.


Just make sure your secateurs /pruning equipment is sharp.


Clean up and discard all fallen leaves and cuttings to prevent the spread of fungus or disease and pests.


Spray the roses and the surrounding soil areas with Lime sulphur (check the date on the bottle and make sure it’s fresh).


And that is how we prune Floribunda Roses.


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