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Rosemary has been consumed for thousands of years.

It is used a lot in Italian dishes. It grows like a weed in the Mediterranean climates.


Researchers describe it as the perfect drug to protect brain cells from the ravages of free radicals The Brain is particularly vulnerable to oxidation damage because it has a high metabolic rate.


Rosemary is therefore good for your brain. How about that?


A collaborative group from the Burnham Institute for Medical Research (Burnham Institute) in La Jolla, CA and in Japan, report that the herb Rosemary contains an ingredient that fights off free radical damage in the brain.


The active ingredient in Rosemary, known as carnosic acid (CA), protects the brain from stroke and neuro-degeneration that is due to injurious chemical free radicals.

These radicals are thought to contribute not only to stroke and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, but also to the ill effects of the normal aging on the brain.


Why is Rosemary a “perfect” drug?


It seems that the carnosic acid is activated by the free radical damage itself. So the carnosic acid is only used when it’s actually needed. Technically this is a “pathological-activated therapeutic” which basically activates our body’s own defense system.


Like with everything else too much of a good thing does not make it better, consuming too much Rosemary elevates the blood pressure therefore when you cook with Rosemary use it in moderation. People with high blood pressure problems should avoid it all togeter.


If you want more details, read this article in Science Daily.

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