The landscaper

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A landscaper is someone who has the ability to manipulate an area of land, which is usually a plot or garden to make it to look a certain way one may envisage and desire.


This profession does not relies mainly on the gardening part which involves, shrubs, plants, trees and laying of lawns, but also involves the construction and installation of walls, buildings, retaining walls, flower boxes and planters, pools, gazebo's, trellises, instalation of irrigation systems, night and spot lighting and many other features.


A landscaper requires the knowledge and the skilled consideration of an area as a whole. There are a variety of reasons to practice landscaping, ranging from a desire to make an area look attractive, to make an area practical as well as functional for recreational purposes. A good landscaper has the knowledge of and understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly.


Landscaping a profession is both a science and art, it takes a good eye to appreciate the existing features of the natural environment and he thinks about how to best manipulate them. For that he requires good observation and designing skills allowing the landscape to flows seamlessly with the natural environment, rather than fighting it.


A qualified landscaper must knows how to read and design a landscape or garden lay out plan, the advantage is that the landscaper is usually hands on in a project.


Where as a landscape architect as a rule only design the plans and involves hem self only in large scale projects such as large wine estates and government institutions, etc, even then they recommend or outsource their work to a qualified landscaper who has the advantage of the practical experiences.


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