Pruning Hybrid T Roses

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Hybrid T Roses:


You have to know what you want from your rose bush, therefore you have to first look at the structure of the rose bush, each one is different and the rose will actually tell you how it needs to be pruned.


Hybrid T’s are perpetual and are a cross between the Hybrid and the Old fashion Tea Roses.


The Hybrid T is generally grown for its long stems which are suitable as single cut flowers to bring into the house and put on a vase; they may or may not have a fragrance. The bush can grow from 1 mt up to 2 mt tall and bloom on the new wood.


To get the long stem results they need to be pruned the traditional way.


Start by sterilizing your tools with Jeyes fluid

Then top some of the taller branches +/- 45 to 55cm from the base of the plant up.

This is done to ascertain its architecture so you can see what you are going to do.


Then, follow the basic 3 rules for pruning all roses.

1) Cut out dead, diseased, and broken wood.

2) Cut out canes that cross the middle, the one's that rub against each other as well as the spindly branches; also remove the root shoots coming from below the graft.

With Hybrid T Roses you then look for the outward facing bud eyes, because you want the flowers to stand free from each other so that there is no brushing and damaging of flowers and stems.

Bud eyes are swelling buds where the new growth comes from.

3) Shorten the rest of the canes

You need to look at the bud eyes who face away from the centre of the plant, remember they are the ones you want to keep. You may remove just the branches or the entire stem. For the largest blooms, most gardeners then take off all, but leave the newest, thickest and strongest green stems (anywhere from 3 to 8), keeping stems that contribute to a nice vase shape.


If you don’t wish to prune that severely, just remove enough stems to open up the centre of the plant so light and air can go through. Make all cuts about 5 to 10 mm beyond a bud, preferable an outward pointing one if there is one. If there is no outward pointing bud don’t be alarmed cutting just beyond any other bud eye will also do. Angle the cut at about 45° to shed water away from the bud if the degree is a little different don’t worry it won’t kill the rose bush.


Apply Efekto Steriseal or wood glue to the cut ends if desired, depending on the climatic conditions I actually prefer to leave it to nature or I apply it only unto the large wounds. Just make sure your secateurs /pruning equipment sharp and sterile.


Clean up and discard all fallen leaves and cuttings to prevent the spread of fungus or disease and pests. Spray the roses and the surrounding soil areas with Lime sulphur (check the date on the bottle). And that is how Hybrid T Roses are pruned.

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